Today is my third day at the Andela-SLC-Bootcamp. Its a bit intense, intimidating but interesting. The tasks and the work I submit everyday accelerates my steep learning enabling me advance my programming and software development skills

The most appreciative thing I receive everyday at the bootcamp is the “TEAM COLLABORATION” from the team and fellow Andelans. When I or anybody gets stuck, posse question to fellow members and a tonne of answers, explanations and links to follow come your way through gitter resource.Also I find myself doing more research when trying to follow the links or research on behalf of member who has asked the question.

Everyday at the bootcamp, is a day to learn something new. I have learnt about new tools about collaboration and project management. Within these few days I have been introduced to tools like TravisCI, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Test Driven Development(TDD) which I did not know and I have gotten to use and learn them.I have also learnt a lot of libraries for software development, like today I got to know Public API(RESTAPI) libraries used in python which was an interesting and cool thing.

I call this experience “LEARNING CURVE EXPERIENCE”. Thank you Andela(T.I.A).

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