As we celebrate a decade of our org’s existence, we’re looking back at the 10 major things we’ve accomplished.

1. Founding the Web Designers Organization

As we prepared for our last <form> function() & .class on August 18, we were waiting for the speakers, Hui Jing Chen, Holger Bartel, and Vitaly Friedman, to fly in and welcome them with a dinner. One flight kept getting rescheduled, until we finally discovered the real cause of delay.

Holger had to wait in the airport all day Friday, and all day Saturday. Hui Jing managed to fly in successfully because Philippine carriers were prioritized. Vitaly, who was already on the 3rd leg and 19+ hours into his trip from Vilnius-Helsinki-Doha, almost landed in Bangkok, then took a sharp…

He’s doing a Masterclass on accessibility, user experience, performance, and more at Form Function & Class 9 on 8–18–18!

Holger Bartel hails from Germany and resides in Hong Kong, where he founded Harbour Front HK and runs a design studio, uforepublic. He’s also recently launched the conference and events platform, Colloq.

How did you get started?

A bit of a long story, but here you go: In 1998 I had to move from Santa Fe to San Diego. I ended up at my cousin’s place and didn’t really know what to do next and the decision to buy a Mac PowerBook won over travelling South America. I then bought a book called the “MacBible” to learn about the Mac and what to do with…

She’s doing a Masterclass on CSS Grid, Flexbox, writing modes, and more at Form Function & Class 9 on 8–18–18!

Hui Jing Chen, is originally from Penang, Malaysia, and currently based in Singapore, where she co-organizes Talk.CSS. She’s also flying from one country to another speaking at conferences this past year.

How did you get started?

I used to play basketball full-time and all the players and coaches stayed together at the Malaysia Basketball Association hostel. At the time, I was the ‘IT guy’ and helped out with setting up Internet and wifi, fixing PCs, typing documents etc. My coach had the idea that because I was good with computers, I could do websites too and asked if I could do something about the association…

T-shirts tend to be an essential part of conferences, and we work hard designing them to be memorable and versatile beyond the four walls of our events. We’re delighted whenever we see the <form> function() & .class shirts out and about, from date nights, to beach trips, and even to other conferences!

Rachel Nabors

Form Function & Class 6 speaker Rachel Nabors sporting our “design rebel” shirt at the beach.

by Ben Viernes

“Giving the illusion of life to inanimate objects” is how Gab Madrid, one of our speakers, defined what animation is. The speakers, Gab and Lindsey Grande Madrid, are a husband and wife team who co-founded their design studio, Color Cure. Their workshop on Web Animation at this year’s Form Function & Class conference focused on the animation process and maximizing the use of CSS to fully animate a website.

At the beginning of the workshop, we were shown a sample website which the speakers had created. The website was about their parody of the video game “ARMS” that they aptly…

The Philippine Web Designers Organization celebrates its 10th year by launching an all-Masterclass edition of <form> function() & .class, featuring Vitaly Friedman, Hui Jing Chen, & Holger Bartel.

What started out as a simple goal of starting a web design conference in the Philippines has turned into a highly-admired and well-loved event for the community, by the community.

The first <form> function() & .class was held in July 2009 at the Asian Institute of Management. Over the years we’ve introduced workshops and masterclasses to FFC, and this year we’re doing something different once again: an all-masterclass format.

What is a Masterclass?

What exactly is a Masterclass, you may ask? It’s our term for a whole-day, intensive, hands-on training session headlined by no one but the best in the field of web design…

by Vernard Luz

Business owners, freelancers, and people with a strong desire to learn more about business: this was the audience of the Business of Design workshop at the Form Function & Class 8 conference. Everyone certainly walked out of the room with more knowledge regarding entrepreneurship as John Paul De Guzman, Chief Creative of Rain Creative Lab, shared his deep knowledge and experience in running their own business.

With a topic so broad, JP covered several branches of business like pricing, positioning, costing, prospecting, and building customer relationships — everything you need to know in order to run a successful business.


A few years ago, we debuted a new visual identity for Form Function & Class and talked about how it has evolved from its original design in 2009 to the brand that addresses our needs & goals today. We didn’t want to stop there, and are slowly building a design system that will make our work easier. Since we’re so busy putting our events together, though, that’s going to take a while. In the meantime, here’s a look at one aspect that is just as important as the design and development of that system: the writing.

What is a style guide?

In the digital design…

by Val Michael Suarez

On January 8, 2018, the Philippine Web Designers Organization had its first MiniFFC of the year at the Canva offices in Makati. MiniFFC #45, like other MiniFFCs that we’ve had before, was a chance to meet with some of the industry’s leading Filipino web designers and developers, by sharing their knowledge and wisdom for our local community, both students who aspire to be in the field and professionals who are already in the field honing and nurturing their focused crafts.

The meetup had two main sessions: Tables on the Table and Designing your Own Story, and…

Philippine Web Designers Organization

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