Major improvements to CS-Playground-React: a data structures and algos learning app

The new Paraiso Light theme for CS-Playground-React, with test results shown in the console

Hi Everyone! If you happened to have read and enjoyed my last article, guess what!? The CS-Playground-React app has recently undergone a major overhaul! If you liked the app, and enjoyed practicing your algorithms and data structures, check it out again here to see some of the improvements and for a much better all around experience.

The most notable improvements in version 0.2.0 of include:

  • Automated testing of challenges (test suites run in the background and results log to the console, disabled by default to keep unwanted noise in the console down to a minimum)
  • 10+ new editor/UI themes (use CMD/CTRL-ALT-{ or CMD/CTRL-ALT-} to scroll through)
  • Improved key bindings (for Mac users) and several new key bindings / shortcut keys
  • Editor enhancements including: find & replace, autocomplete, highlight all matches, better linting, etc.
  • Infinite loop protection for those times when……

There’s many more subtle improvements as well. You can check out the CHANGELOG and the README to learn about all of the new changes.

Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the support last time around, and would definitely welcome your comments and suggestions yet again. Hope to see you there!