What makes Pocket a Habit-Forming Product?
Haris Aghadi

Nice post!

I would add the following:

  • Notification that you saved a popular article: at the end of the month, Pocket sends you an email with the subject “You saved one of the most popular articles in Pocket this month!”. In the body of the email, Pocket reminds you to carve time out to read the saved article. This has a double effect: 1/ external trigger (go back to use Pocket) and 2/ reward (you have great taste and good selection criteria — bravo).
  • Gradually more curated content: Pocket analyses your reading history and leverages it to improve the quality of its recommendations (in-app or through the daily email digest). This is another reward: the more you read and like posts, the more the content is tailored to your preferences. Making it increasingly more addictive.