#ProductSF 2016
Josh Elman

Thank you Josh, this post covers many very interesting presentations. I loved the ones of James Currier and of Nir Eyal. They inspired me a lot. What I will take away from James is:

Figure out the description of your product (i.e. market fit) and then build the product to fit it


Speed is the #1 advantage of a startup. Yet our speed bar is too low. Culprit is education and large corporations -> real speed benchmark is much much higher (make at least 20 to 100 experiments a month). Key is to have teammates feel this way.

From Nir:

The winner is not the one with the best product, but with the first habit-building product associated with a certain emotion which has the monopoly in the user’s mind

That last one triggered a new post coming up this week :)

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