PWiC at Google WTM IWD’19 Global Summits

Women Techmakers is undoubtedly one of the most active and impactful communities of women technologists with a global presence.

Driven by the belief that a diversity of perspectives leads to better decision-making and more relevant products, Google began Women Techmakers in 2012, helmed by former Google[x] Vice President Megan Smith. Women Techmakers is a global program that celebrates women, encouraging them to pursue and excel in technology careers.[1]

Pakistani Women in Computing (PWiC) is inspired by the work Women Techmakers is doing to bring balance and increase the diversity of the tech space. A number of PWiC team members have been part of Women Techmakers International Women’s Day (IWD) global summits, Google I/O or Women Techmakers Scholars Program in the past and have found these events and opportunities to be extremely useful in their personal and professional growth.

IWD’16 — Google I/O 16

PWiC Participation at WTM WID’19 Global Summits

This year PWiC encouraged its community members to attend IWD’19 by applying to their local or closest Google offices. Several members from PWiC applied and a few got accepted to Google offices in Seattle, Munich, Berlin, and Singapore. Here are some snapshots that we received from our members.

PWiC @ IWD Seattle

Muazma Zahid — Beenish Ali — Sundas Khalid at IWD’19 Seattle

PWiC @ IWD Munich

Samreen Azam — Asema Hassan at IWD’19 Munich

PWiC @ IWD Berlin

Naxish Iqbal — Sadia Naz — Asema Hassan at IWD’19 Berlin

PWiC @ IWD’19 Lahore

IWD’19 Lahore

PWiC @ IWD’19 Islamabad

IWD’19 Islamabad

PWiC Partnership with WTM in Pakistan

PWiC partnered with Google Developers Groups in Lahore and Islamabad to hold their first-ever IWD summits and helped them with community outreach, speakers recommendations and advising the local teams wherever needed.

There is strength in numbers and working together!
PWiC Partnered with WTM Islamabad

Community Blogs about IWD’19

Here are some useful blogs shared by our members about their experiences of attending IWD’19

Why not you? — Lessons from International Women’s Day 2019 By Muazma Zahid

Accomplishments do not speak for themselves by Sundus Khalid

Google WTM Scholars Program 2019

Women Techmakers Scholars Program 2019 — APAC Region

Applications for the Women Techmakers Scholars Program 2019 (formerly known as the Google Anita Borg Scholarship) for APAC region are now open until 31st May 2019. Apply here:

Call for Speakers for Google Developer Group

Applications for Speakers for the Google Developer Group Kuala Lumpur is also open, apply here:

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