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for a social scientist, you seem rather inept at discerning what your target market wants. go ahead, blame everyone else for your app’s low traffic. it seems to me the more obvious answer is simply that your product lacks the elusive combination of substance, luck and timing that makes an app go viral. the fact that other local confessions sites seem to have some kind of a following kind of rubbishes your thesis the singaporeans won’t use apps that have found success overseas first. 
also, i’m sure your combative, superior attitude has not helped things. imagine if i advertise for yikyak on fessup, you’ll probably tell me to gtfo. 
i’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board. and if you think jumping off a building is going to save your app, you’re deluding yourself. look, you’ve probably learned a lot from this experience. some local tech startup probably needs a CIO or CMO.