Who you Gonna Call ? For Your IBM Cloud Watson AI Software As A Service (SaaS)Needs

Paula Williams
Sep 12, 2019 · 4 min read

Note: This is the third blog in a series of blogs that Paula Williams and Dan Toczala are co-authoring, as part of an “I Have an Issue…” series on the IBM Cloud. You may also find Part 1 — Why Can’t I Create Anything and Part 2 — What’s Happening on the IBM Cloud informative and useful. These blog posts will cover how to deal with common issues and roadblocks for users of the service.


Sometimes it is hard to decipher who exactly to call when you have a question or are in a bind with your Software As A Service (SaaS) Offerings. With Sales Representatives, Support staff and Customer Success Manager’s (CSMs) all-in place to help customers be successful, it’s easy to see how the lines can get blurred a bit when you have a SaaS need, especially when it is pressing! Below is a quick guide and FAQs to help you get to faster resolution of your questions and issues.

Sales Representatives: It’s best to seek out the sales representatives in my organization, when you are exploring or need information about a new cloud offering or subscription. Additionally, our sales teams are experts when your need involves solution configurations, pricing, or contract term negotiation.

Support: Our support team, on the other hand, is the best source for any difficulties when your solution is not performing as expected. Devoted to helping your business run as efficiently as possible, they have a range of support plans to protect your business. Our support website is also a great resource for downloads, fixes, drivers, APARs, product documentation, Redbooks, whitepapers and more.

CSMs: Finally, CSMs have a range of responsibilities, from providing guidance on how to use services to making customers aware of education, events, campaigns and speaking opportunities. Think of them as your go-to company focal point, who can then engage with other IBM teams, to help fulfill your needs.

Still unclear on who to contact? Below are some of the most frequent questions and answers that SaaS customers have asked which may help. And if you need help decoding, where your situation falls, feel free to contact one of us (Paula Williams at paulaw@us.ibm.com or Dan Toczala at dtoczala@us.ibm.com) and ask!

1. What can I do to get my service working again? Reach out to support immediately and open up a case from the phone, web, chat or IBM Cloud Console (Support tab) whether you have basic, advanced or premium service. Logging your ticket enables support to begin investigating and troubleshooting your issues as soon as possible. The faster you log your issue, the faster you are on the road to achieving your solution outcomes.

2. Who can help me configure my solution? Connect with your IBM Sales rep, or alternatively your dedicated CSM, to obtain the appropriate configurations to help meet your AI needs.

3. How do I go about purchasing a new AI or other offering? Your sales rep can provide you with value propositions, return on investment information, and offering feature, functionality and benefits. If you have an assigned CSM, they can also deliver this information.

4. How do I get started using my Watson AI service? CSMs can walk through the steps needed to help you begin using your APIs. They are a wealth of information to help you quickly get up and running with your solution and can tap into resources to help you along your AI journey.

5. How do I determine the status of my bill? Our IBM Cloud Console (Manage tab, billing and usage) is a great site to make a payment, review or download an invoice, or monitor your subscriptions among other things. Your CSM is also ready to assist whenever you need clarification.

6. How do I renew my subscription? Enlist your CSM to provide direction on variables to consider, including timing and usage, so that you are getting the most from your subscription. CSMs can also work to help gather the necessary documents for a timely renewal.

7. How do change the terms of my contract? Your sales rep who initiated your contract is the ideal contact for questions or any modifications that need to be made to your SaaS agreements going forward.

8. How do I determine how much longer I have before I burn down my service? The IBM Cloud Console (Manage tab, billing and usage) or your CSM is perfect for helping you understand, manage and gauge usage so that you are using your services as effectively as possible.


Paula Williams, IBM Customer Success Manager

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