new nerd

By the time seventh grade started I was already dead on what I wanted to do with my future and in fact I was already pretty set on how I wanted to live my life. I’ve was raised on a fairly well structured foundation. One thing I regret I is falling into the whole crowd.

As an upcoming Freshamn in High School it seems to be that most people bring up the fact that High School is this and that (mostly bad). I ended up taking a different approach to this thought.

Yes, High School is important without a doubt and that’s one thing I cannot stress enough. My parents had also told me ever since I was young “If you see somebody put there hand in fire, will you do it too?” clearly my common response was no but that’s not the point of this. My point is why do what everybody is doing? For me I found myself guilty of that. But as time moved on I had progressed into a more humble person. Which has allowed me to open myself up to new ideas and choices.

It seems to be that everybody is dependent on the data behind all of this (in many aspects). Such as Grade Point Average, Test Scores, Instagram Follower Count, Friend Count, etc. How is follower count relevant to this at all? It is not only that everybody is now connected to each other through social media and all sorts but these social networking account build a social value and reputation around peers.

Over the past few months I have been focusing a lot on my balance between things. In the past I was at times sick of listening to my parents (silly me) and took the wrong path. I took notes and I learned from my mistakes. In order to have a good balance it requires you to be humble and not have a bunch of disruptions killing you.

Flowing with my drive (which is music) pushes me to think quickly and snappy. For the sake of staying minimal on this topic, even praying works for me. But one thing that I’ve never understood is why does everybody need to create some new social image for themselves to be part of some clique. I’m a fairly quit kid in school (now) and I don’t really have too many friends too think about either. I’ve stuck to what’s best for me and I don’t need to be seen as “the kid who makes apps” or “the kid that owns this”. My social value is not as important as my educational and interest value for what I want to do with my life.