Angular Native
Jeff Whelpley

Most of the love for this idea is going to come from folks who currently are Angular developers. But calling it “Angular Native” will absolutely provide a mental barrier to entry for those who are not. Everyone wants to get into mobile dev these days, but remember this includes MANY devs who may be using Java, Node, non-Angular web, etc. … i.e. a significant number of folks who don’t (and perhaps don’t want to) know Angular.

Even thought the “standard” JS version of NativeScript is still a viable option, it will, as a side effect, get lost in the marketing.

Appcelerator fell victim to this exact problem by selling the technology to only web devs, and missed out on a HUGE population of enterprise server devs who were hungry to switch, but ultimately would never get “recruited” properly. And in fact, marketing missteps like this were a big contributor to Appc never reaching critical mass in adoption, although the product was (and some might argue still is) superior to anything else at the time.

NativeScript is going to be huge, I’m certain of it, but a marketing pivot like this is probably NOT a great idea.

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