Best Free Music Downloader for Android

Music is part of our life; we never mind listening to music, be it free or busy time. With increasing popularity of Android smartphone, we find bunch of music downloader for Android.

But not all of them worth using right?

And free MP3 downloading sites are kind of annoying. Most of sites are loaded with fake link, phishing link, disturbing ads, broken links and much more that ruin your free music download experience.

Hence, here is the compact list of 3 best Music Downloader and I hope you will love using these apps. With these free music downloading apps, you will be able to download you every favorite music on the go.

Here are the list of top 3 Music downloader for Android smartphone.

Google Play Music:

Ever knew this app let you download music for free? Yes, you heard it right. You can download this music player on Google Play for free. This powerful music player basically comes pre-loaded with most Android Player.

Good about Google Play Music:

1. Huge Collection of music or has one of the biggest music library.

2. One of the best UI gives, great feel to music lovers.

3. Despite free music download, it is a good music player that can stream online music as well.

4. Get every chart of top music.

5. Filter music according your interest.


It’s not a new name for the music lovers. This music downloader app is one of my favorite that I love to use frequently. As the name of this application suggests, it permits you browse, play and download as well as install to all music files at 4Shared.

You can browse 4Shared by title, musician, or a mix of two to get much more certain outcomes. It’s free to download for Android user from Google Play.

Good About 4Shared:

1. 4Shared has one of the biggest music library.

2. Downloading music is free from this app. (in some case exceptional)

3. App is free to download for both iOS and Android.

4. Handy search tool allow you downloading your favorite music instantly.

5. All HQ mp3 can be download.

Gtunes Music Downloader:

Gtunes Tracks Download and install and also set up (formerly called simple MP3 Downloader) is a simple but reputable songs downloader app that allows you to download numerous tracks completely free. The downloader also allows you to play songs on public domain.

The most effective part of the application is it enables you to create your personal ringtone from any type of track as well as assign it to obtain in contact with. Some music had knowledgeable also. It showed verses as the audio opts for excellent timing. Furthermore it develops a regularity chart of the songs also.

Good about Gtunes:

1. Simplest music downloader I’ve ever used.

2. Comes with powerful search tool.

3. High-quality music download available.

4. Free for Android user. (However, this app is not available for iOS devices.)

5. Direct ringtone set-up from the app.