Glen Pyatetsky
3 min readMay 1, 2019

Traveling is a dream shared by many, it opens us up to new experiences and can even stimulate healthy brain functions. However, a survey carried out by The Priceline Group shows that between a third and a half (44 percent) of American adults regret not taking the time to travel, and most of the time they miss out because travel costs are too high and their schedules are so busy. Tourista takes the core essence of travel, experiencing new things, with exotic coffee recipes from around the world and delivers it to you without the hefty price tag.

To narrow down Tourista’s overall personality and get a better grasp of the core consumers I created a user persona for a mother of two who loves to travel but can’t due to her busy schedule.

In making the decision on which recipes would make it into the final project I looked into 12 countries (1 for each month of the year) and compiled information on the ingredients, history, and methods of preparation which was then organized into a chart to identify any patterns between each of the unique recipes.

The chart showed me quite a few recipes with similar parts which gave me the idea for packaging that could be consistent throughout each box. I found a range of sizes for glass bottles to package the different ingredients and created a system based on type of ingredient to size of bottle; The smallest bottle works for dry ingredients like cinnamon stick where as any liquid ingredient would come in the larger bottle.

Each box is delivered monthly and comes with a bag of coffee beans, ingredients necessary to create the recipe, and information postcard detailing the recipes history and brewing methods. The labels I created take reference from postage stamps and airline collateral. Recipe cards where designed as post cards to further integrate the travel aesthetic. To further identify each country i developed a 2 color system throughout the packaging materials.

It was finally time to take the design to the screen. Through competitive brand research I was able to put together a list of features users liked or disliked about the online ordering process. Elements like the ability to choose the grind quality of coffee beans or options for quantity for always at the top of the list.