Final Results of Calls For Proposals in PyCon HK 2017

We would like to announce final results of Call For Proposals (CFP), and we selected 2 more proposals from Aditthya and Ayush in our round 2 selection. More topics delivered by our sponsors and invited speakers will be announced in October.

The following topics are selected from CFP.

  1. Using Gradient Boosting Machines in Python (Albert Au Yeung)
  2. Machine Learning on Energy Consumption Prediction (Huang Wei Chen)
  3. Python for data analysis (Michal Szczecinski)
  4. Boosting command line data manipulation with Python and AWK (Kirill Pavlov)
  5. How I battle with Hong Kong Open Data in Python (Ho Wa Wong)
  6. HA capability with Document Store using MySQL Shell — running Python (Ivan Ma)
  7. Applying serverless architecture pattern to distributed data processing (Denis Makogon)
  8. How to reinvent the wheel and build the most popular JSON-RPC library (Kirill Pavlov)
  9. Ticketing X Chatbot (Comma)
  10. Python Blockchain Application in < 24 hrs (Kelvin Chu)
  11. AI learn to Drive: Introduction to Reinforcement Learning with Python (Holman Tai)
  12. Python is not Always Slow (Benny) (**Cancelled** - Speaker withdrew)
  13. Matplotlib 2 By Example (Claire Chung)
  14. Python Logging in Production (Mengchi JIA)
  15. Micropython (Patrick Tsoi)
  16. Recurrent Neural Networks in Python: Keras and TensorFlow for Time Series Analysis (Matt O’Connor)
  17. Resurrecting the dead with deep learning (Aditthya Ramakrishnan)
  18. How to approach a Machine Learning Problem with Python ?: YouTube Like Count Prediction (Ayush Singh)
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