But here’s the other thing the lying politicians won’t tell you. It doesn’t happen that often. Far from terrorists rampaging through the streets and streaming over the border with ease, your chance of dying in a terror attack is 1 in 3.6 million. Your chance of being killed by a refugee? Even less. A lot less. 1 in 3.6 billion. Chances of being killed by those illegal immigrants that idiots like Paul Ryan use to gin up everyone’s fear? 1 in 10.9 billion. That is the same as your chance of dying in a plane crash which is 1 in 11 billion.
There is No More Encryption Debate: Backdoors Threaten the Whole World
Daniel Jeffries

These probabilities look off to me. If one 1 person alive today will die in an airplane crash, the odds are still closer to 1:7 billion than 1:11 billion. Are you talking the odds per-flight? If only one American alive today will be killed by an illegal immigrant, the odds are slightly over 1:300 million. I have no idea where you’re getting 1:3.6 billion or 1:10.9 billion; it’s upsetting to read an article supporting something I’m passionate about (encryption) that pulls out the same brands of misinformation as its foes. If we have to deceive to save encryption we’ve lost already.

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