“Pylon Network, the only Spanish company invited by the Danish Government to improve public services”

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Pylon Network , the Spanish platform that uses blockchain technology to facilitate the exchange of energy between people (P2P), has been selected by the Danish Government to technologically solve a series of challenges raised in the GovTech Program: a program managed by PUBLIC Denmark, in partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and the Danish Agency for Digitization.

GovTech is a challenge-based initiative that seeks to support, strengthen and further develop collaboration between the public sector and technology companies through innovative solutions for the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. The Spanish company has been selected along with nine other emerging companies, which come from six different countries.

According to the United Nations, Denmark leads the public digitalization in the world. However, the continuous technological innovations force the Scandinavian country to remain continuously informed, in order to continue improving the quality of public services. To achieve this, the Danish state maintains a close collaboration with the new companies that are breaking into key areas for the welfare of citizens, as is the case of the energy sector.

Four specific challenges

The GovTech DK program, which kicked off on Wednesday 8th of May, will last seven weeks and will address four specific challenges set by various institutions and departments of the Danish Administration: the Danish Business Authority, the Danish Security Technology Authority and the Competition Authority and Consumers of Denmark.

In the first challenge, the Danish Companies Authority proposes to investigate how new technologies can help create a better data ethic and how this field can add commercial value to the Danish industry and economy . For its part, the Danish Safety Technology Authority aims to investigate how new technologies can help create a quick and accurate overview of pipeline installations in buildings. The objective is to help discover illegal and dangerous installations, which may not be visible.

The Security Technology Authority also wishes to investigate whether new technologies such as laser scanners, 3D technology or imaging technology can provide new solutions for the production and presentation of housing plans, in order to create an overview clearer of a house.

Finally, the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority proposes to investigate how new technologies and digitalisation can make the economic regulation of the water and wastewater sector more efficient. The goal is to find new data-driven opportunities for customers, water companies and the business community in general.

According to the UN, Denmark is the leading country in the world in terms of public digitization. However, the Danish rulers consider it crucial to keep abreast of the latest technological advances to continue improving public services through new and innovative solutions.

On the participation of Pylon Network in the initiative of the Danish Government, Gerard Bel, CEO of the company, explained to Blockchain Observatory that his intention is to show the administration of the Scandinavian country the possibilities offered by Pylon Network in terms of transparency based on Data Neutrality and Blockchain Technology. Bel added that over the next seven weeks they will work with business consultants, representatives of the public sector, mentors and other companies, “which will allow us to gather valuable knowledge and information on the value that Pylon Network and its innovative blockchain technology can offer the challenges of Danish state. “

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