ICOs are repeating the mistakes of crowdfunding

So many damn good points. I have been waiting a long time for people to, even as individuals, take a stand and finally hold these crowdsales accountable. This can involve demanding more accountability, demanding switches around how the developers receive funding, hell just demand more fucking respect from someone asking YOU for YOUR money. After ICO’s, some teams become unresponsive if not arrogant when dealing with the community that backed them. Also, after by all accounts successful ICO’s, the time it takes to release things is insane and yet there are people still gleefully trowing their money at these things. Until those type of people stop that or otherwise get rekt, I don’t see this improving.

Hell, ETH is even guilty of that lengthy time to deliver on a product after collecting obscene amounts of money.

I think this boils down to something as simple as: People need to regain their self respect and realize they deserve better.

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