Note: I published this blog post on The Corner and I am republishing it here to make it available on Medium.

At Square, we rely heavily on automated testing to ensure that our applications work well. Our Point of Sale Android codebase is just shy of 1.5 million lines of code, and we run about 6000 Android instrumentation tests on Firebase Test Lab on every pull request to prevent regressions. This gives our engineers the ability to make deep changes (e.g. migrating from MVP to Workflows) with a lot of confidence.

In this blog post, I share a few utilities we built on top of Firebase Test Lab, I hope you’ll find them useful! …

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A month ago, my team at Square released the Reader SDK. We had the opportunity to show a demo at Droidcon NYC. How could we make payments cool?

We set up to build SquickPic, a fun Android photo booth: pay a dollar 💳, choose a filter, smile, Snap! 📸 The photo booth prints the picture and tweets it 🐦 (@SquickPic).

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Android engineers Christina, Mike, Zarah and John joined me in sporting an Oreo Nose Ring

We decided to open source SquickPic (sources on GitHub). …

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Picture this: a room full of senior Square leads, gathered for an important review meeting. Everyone is looking at their computer, in complete silence, interrupted by bursts of clickety clack. 30 minutes later, the conversation starts.

What is going on? Is everyone waiting for the meeting to start? Are they practicing some form of silent retreat microdosing?

It turns out, this is simply how we work. Alyssa Henry, our VP of Seller, popularized at Square a modified version of this practice from Amazon. In a nutshell: the group in the meeting reviews a Google Doc in silence, asking and answering questions via Google Doc comments. After 30 minutes of this, we’ve identified key points that need to be discussed in person, and can then have a short, focused conversation. More importantly, we’ve given everyone a chance to be heard. As she says below, we’re building a culture where thoughts can be voiced (or written as the case may be) without worrying about someone talking over you. …


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Android baker @Square. Twitter account: @Piwai

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