Browse Against the Machine
Eric Petitt

The article is cringy to read. The comments are too. I’ve pretty much only used firefox since 2010. Everything firefox V3 and beyond are fine. (I have no experience before V3).

All browsers act as the “safety valve” to chrome. Opera was good, but I didn’t like how different it was. The redesign that lacked of features didn’t help it though. Users choose to flock to chrome, there isn’t a problem there. Memory usage in Firefox hasn’t been a problem in YEARS. If Firefox were to properly sandbox each tab, its memory usage would be higher. Last I heard, firefox is working on coding separate threads for the browser UX (laughably behind chrome).

I’m not a developer, but the general consensus is that Chrome has much better dev tools than firefox. As for search engines, Yahoo is terrible. For the end user, google produces better results. Perhaps you get paid more and rely less on Google, however, the end result is that the users that prefer not having to tweak the browser are left with an inferior search. Or they go to chrome because it works out of the box.

Speaking of search, Firefox totally screwed up the web search when trying to prevent default search hijacking. The old search layout was so much more simple. I haven’t used a non-primary search since the change.

Your assessment of Safari wasn’t wrong. For years, it was the slowest and worst of the major browsers on Windows. It was the best browser on Mac and pretty much only existed for those unwilling to learn a new browser when on Windows.

As for mobile… It’s a chunky mess. Opera > Chrome >> Firefox. The 2 major things FF has over the competition is its reader mode and better adblock potential. Opera’s best feature scales text with to the width of the phone when zooming. Both Opera and Chrome have a much more intuitive tab interface. Firefox’s default font is terrible and there’s no option to change it. Also, for some reason, the developers felt that sharing URLs to other andriod apps is more important than opening a new tab.

@PAUL COZMA: Firefox does support multiple users. Use Firefox-p (may have a space before -p depending on the platform) to open the profile manager. You can set it to ask the user each time which profile to open.

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