Originality > Everything?

Recently, a friend of mine asked what was a good law to use that highlighted the values of a document for a school assignment. He suggested something that has had much public reaction and is very controversial today; I agreed. It seemed like an idea that is highly relevant in society and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Another friend disagreed, not because it wasn’t a good idea, but because she thought that everyone would use that idea.

This represents an issue that tends to pop up in my life all too often: to value uniqueness above everything, to be original 24/7 and to always come up with new quirky ideas that will become the next big thing.

I love original ideas; when I or a friend comes up with something that is new for a project or something in our personal lives, I get so proud I could burst. The problem with this is when in the search for being original, you start to reject every idea that seems too “basic”, or unoriginal, which leads to stress and the reality that having an original idea for everything is impossible.

Sometimes an original idea turns out to be one that has actually been done several times before, making you have to scramble and figure something else out if you wish to truly be original. Sometimes life simply gets in the way, and you have to do something someone has already. Sometimes mental health issues means that you will not be able to come up with any ideas, not just creative ones. This is alright.

Shit happens; you have to do what you have to do, even if it is not the first time it has ever been done. This does not mean you are “unoriginal”, or a “sellout”, or “uncreative.” This means you are a human being, someone who had other things to do and saw a quick idea that looked fun and easy. Don’t feel bad about not always having new ideas; feel good about the ones you do have and the ideas that have already been created that you will do too.