F*** You, I Quit — Hiring Is Broken
Sahat Yalkabov

Way to go man. I support you :>. I’m a self taught programmer and haven’t learn’t all the CS fundamentals and don’t know much on algorithms. Finding a job is actually really hard when they just throw tough algorithms on you and don’t see how well you code (or how passionate you are in the FOSS world). Any guy who is desperate for a job can mug up all CS books and clear and interview just to get the job (and believe me there are a lot of these in Bangalore, India) but then will he come up with interesting ideas and solve problems in a different way, will he make a difference in the way the company codes, will he make sure the indentation is just right before commiting.

But then I think these big corps just want people like that, so that they just do what they are told and don’t innovate at all and thats why they buy these startups that innovate when they don’t.

But I have seen many startups doing things differently and wanting candidates who are passionate to bring new ideas.

You should start one.

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