I’m Resigning from the ETC Cooperative; but not ETC.

I’m resigning from the ETC Cooperative. This obviously raises many questions so I’ll save you some time:

  • I’m not leaving ETC. I love ETC. I’ll even be at the 2019 ETC Summit.
  • The ETC Cooperative is a great place that will continue to provide substantial support and value to ETC.
  • This isn’t an issue for ETC. The amount of people working and volunteering on ETC has only been growing.

So why leave? In short I simply cannot deal anymore. My role was highly visible and largely required me to respond and deal with a lot of social media. If something bad happened, people would spread FUD and I’d have to respond. If something good happened, same thing. It felt as if no news was the only good news I’d actually get.

There’s no one thing that made me decide enough was enough, I simply have noticed that my reactions to things are outsized for what they are and what my personality is. I had thick skin for the last 3 years and recently lost it. That’s what happened and that’s why I can’t do this full time.

So what’s next?

  • I’m going to take some time off.
  • I’m going to work on a few side/programming projects for ETC and Bitcoin that I haven’t been able to while working full time.
  • I’ll likely be looking around for new things to do in Cryptocurrency (project management, data analysis, and marketing roles).

Anyways keep on keeping on ETC’rs. Preserving PoW, permissionlessness, immutability, and censorship resistance of Cryptocurrencies is something vital that we cannot lose.