Get All the Information in Neat and Brief Manner Using Sports and Fitness Management Software

In every software, there tends to be a home screen which shows the overall result in a short but informative manner. In our case, the dashboard is the home screen of our free to download sports management software. The home screen plays a vital part in any software. They are the summary of the performance of any software and saves a lot of time briefing the overall performance. Only the crucial information is displayed on the home screen. In this way, the owner of the software gets the quick idea of particular figures in no time. The designers of the software keep in mind to give short but useful insights of data in the home screen. Most of the time the data presented in the home screen is in graphical format which is easily readable and owners can take useful decisions by looking on the data. It is difficult to decide which crucial information will be added in the home screen of sports management or gym management software. But our team took a logical decision to add only the most important features on the home screen. In our case, it is the dashboard. The dashboard of our software provides the data of the most crucial divisions of a business in a neat graphical manner. Sports management software got all the useful data needed on the home screen of the sports management or gym management software.

Attendance is one of the most important part of any sports academy or fitness center and our free to download gym software takes care of this pivotal component. Our gym software gives the liberty to choose data of attendance from different dates and provides an evaluated data showing attendance of premises on everyday basis. The sports management software are used to end the manual attendance practices using pen and paper. It is difficult to handle data in physical format and a surge in client base makes manual attendance marking difficult. The free to use gym software saves the data virtually and makes it easy to get the information any time as all the information can be extracted anytime easily. The dashboard provides the statistics of that attendance using the data entered by the user everyday.

The next tab which is included in the dashboard is the new user. The dashboard of gym management software gives a neat graphical presentation of the data of new users registered with the sports academy and fitness center premises. The graphical presentation of the dashboard of the sports management and gym management software displays the number of new users entered in the academy in a given period of time.The gym software takes the data from the users section.

The third tab featured in the sports management and gym software is the amount collected in a period of time. The inflow of money is a division which is very important for every sports academy and fitness center. Our gym management software gives the information of the whole amount collected by the sports academy, gym or fitness center in a given period of time.

The fourth tab featured in the dashboard in our gym software is the revenue earned by a sports academy, gym or fitness center in a given period of time. The numbers are displayed in a bar graph format. Owners of the gym management software get the insights of all the revenue earned accordingly and the graphical representation will show the ups and down of revenue earned in different periods of time.

Additionally, the owners can change the date of attendance, new users, amount and revenue earned and check all the figures added by the users in the past and they can also download all the statistics straight from the software.

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