The Many Forms of Slavery Today

In this lifetime, I come from a Christian upbringing, it was chosen for me, I didn’t recognize it or choose it. From the beginning, I was confused about why the savior’s death was celebrated. Why was it so important that he was murdered?

Couldn’t the Christian savior have done a lot after the age of 33? Could he not have healed more people, brought down more divine lessons, and materially channeled more of the infinite wisdom of the Almighty into our finite world?

Of course. This is the point. Jesus could have taught us a lot more from the age of 75, or 105, but the point is, he was murdered before the age of 35, and this is celebrated by “Christians,” who are actually Satanists, who idolize the murder of Jesus, rather than his actual message, or his free will. If he came back in this moment, Jesus would be sad and scared to see all the images of his death, with no images of his life and message. With the worship of their savior’s murder, comes the religion of murder itself, also known as Satanism:

You want to know what conveys Christ’s passion? His life, not his murder. He has no choice in the murder, it was a choice of the murderous, satanic people around him. The murder of Jesus is not representative of Jesus, it’s representative of the fact that the world was not ready to hear Jesus’s message.

Even in terms of symbology itself, the cross is a dualistic symbol; it is a closing-off.

Look at eyes in cartoons, when someone is dead, the eyes are crossed. It intuitively means a closed off doorway. The cross is there to block peoples’ spirituality and inhibit growth. Satanists are there pushing the cross on people to block their spirituality, and then use them as slaves.

And so it makes sense that in the ensuing 2,000 years, Christianity has been a religion of utter violence, slavery, subjugation, war, and torture. If you think we’ve made “progress,” you’d be wrong. We’ve just expanded violence.

Unfortunately, most self-described Christians are Satanists. Christianity is thus a dead religion, in the sense that the legacy of Christianity is heinous violence, strife, and stagnation, as represented by the symbol of slavery, the cross. The symbol of openness is the Anch, which is from ancient Egypt, more properly called Kemet. The Anch was much more influential before the cross, and represents grounding into the earth a gateway, an opening, a something, a birth.

Two ankhs being clutched by an ancient Egyptian ruler

Jesus himself was Jewish, we can’t stress the importance of this enough. If you want to be more like Jesus, be Jewish. And actually follow the 10 commandments. Which means no murder, no exceptions. No self-defense loophole, no “war” loophole, no excuses, no exceptions.

Judaism is a religion of laws. Laws are about obeying the law, or facing justice. There can be no peace without justice, and America is a society without justice, constantly trying to forgive first, and never seek justice.

Immediately, we’re going to be asked for forgive the police, who murder and abuse people based on the color of their skin. We’ll never see justice, but they’ll demand forgiveness. You know who is asked to forgive without justice? Slaves.

Especially in schools, where the only lesson is the authority complex, students-slaves are taught that Muslims did 9/11, and that it’s okay for police to abuse students for no reason.

I heal people to the extent that they listen to me. Christianity is an opiate for slaves. Read this blog carefully, it’s all already up, it can heal you and your family from the wounds of slavery.

The revolution is mental, so be free!