Every people have and always talk about their own opinion. When they’re think about something, they start to explain it to people. They have different thinking way based on what they learn, see, or earn.

What do you think about the word like ‘in my perception……’, ‘in my opinion…..’, etc? Do you start wondering what make their opinion different? Here you are.

People opinion is based on perception about something. They use a phenomenon and some clues…

I have write some short story in Bahasa, and some of friend see my writing.

But the response is literally different.


“You have really great writing!”

“Your story is an interesting one!”

“You’re the master if we talk about writing!”

But as you see reviewer from senior writer or a people who expert in writing a best-seller books….

Senior Writer/Best Seller Books Writer

“Your story plot is unclear”

“Your story title is didn’t give a clear description of story”

“You have lack in some grammar and language”

“Your writing lack of great climax, ending……”

And many critics come.

Source : Printerest


Honestly, it’s hurts me psychologically. When people get various response and that’s like a positive and negative pole, yeah….

Hello! I’m Back!

I think that make a little research is great, but in this first non fiction, I just start with something that I learn before.

For all people who studying Psychology, definetely learn about Albert Bandura case, Bobo Doll Experiment.

In this experiment, there are some kids with…


Psychology student, blogger in meantime, write fiction if having some more time. Author of Contact :

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