Testing Does Not Create Cases — Covid-19 Does!

The covid-19 storm has ravaged the US since it started in February.

During the past 45 days, however, the storm has homed in on different states than in the beginning. Deaths have grown 3X faster in the 25 states now bearing the brunt of the covid-19 storm than in the states where it first hit.

Tests are up dramatically in all states — because testing is needed in a pandemic. As the table shows, testing is up 352% to 409%.

Growth in Covid-19 Deaths, Cases, and Tests: May 1 — June 15, 2020

Increased testing does not lead to increased cases.

Even over the past 2 weeks the growth rate of deaths and cases is high in high-growth states while growth in testing is steady across all states, 107% to 109%.

Growth in Covid-19 Deaths, Cases, and Tests: June 2 — June 15, 2020

Testing is a medical necessity to fight the covid-19 storm. It does not cause cases.

References: Covid-19 Deaths — USA facts; Covid Tests — The Covid Tracking Project

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