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I am sure that this insight will go right over the heads of the left wing because they are a bunch of idiots. But nobody is really seeing what is going on here because the left has tunnel vision.

There is no mention of why these Middle Eastern refugee’s are suddenly fleeing to Canada. They obviously got in here under Obama. If that is the case then why are they suddenly paranoid about being kicked back to their country of origin unless they have something to hide. Unless they are some of the several that were not vetted in the least and cleared by Obama, they are beating feet for other reasons. You notice that these are not Hispanics that flooded over our border. The people in most of these left wing stories are from the Middle East that are heading North. The question is why but that is never mentioned.

Words and inaction by the previous Obama administration, allowed and encouraged people from all over the world to come to this country illegally. Words and action by the current administration is actually doing its job. Trump is streamlining the process to deport those that have been found guilty of crimes and should be deported in the first place. Little, stupid stories like this from the left are just helping to move along those that know they shouldn't be here in the first place and have no hope of remaining illegally.

Just like how Trump won the election by tweeting out a few words and the liberal left would lose their minds and give him free publicity, this is no different. Trump shows a little force and drops a few words and now those that need to go are actually going on their own accord. If Canada wants to stand by their offer then these people will become their problem. When the bombs go off and innocent Canadians end up heaped upon each other in a blood bath, they can look at their PM for allowing this to happen. Again, these are Syrians that did not swim over here to cross the border. They were either brought here by Barry and know they have some bad stuff in their background that was ignored and will now be the cause of them going back. Or they somehow got over here and overstayed their visas and have no legitimate right for asylum and will be deported. Way to much shade is being tossed on Trump over less than a 1000 people have been booted when Barry was tossing out 8000 a month when he was in charge. 2.5 million people were deported under Barry according to some sources. Yet, not one word was ever uttered when that was going on.

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