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So the header of the article states that Wisconsin “may have lied” then cuts to the misleading statement of that they finally got caught. But then again maybe they didn't. So which one is it? Only on a rabid left wing blog can it be both and still be deemed fit to print. Another issue is this. Why is it only Democrats that are being disenfranchised concerning having to apply and receive a drivers license or id in order to vote? The way that this article and all the rest make it out to be is that this is a right wing conspiracy to block people from voting solely because they are Democrats. How stupid are people to keep buying that excuse. The Dems want anybody and everybody to vote and vote for their party. This is a blatant attempt to flood the voter blocs with people that should not be allowed to vote because they are here illegally. Pure and simple. The Dems just muddy the water with complaining that it is a disenfranchisement against people of color when it is really about allowing illegals to vote for their party. I would like to see a study on who exactly is being screwed over. I would bet money that the very same people that don’t want to show an id actually have one when it comes to getting social services from the federal and local governments.

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