The Art of Shereen Audi 

Chains of escapism.

“Man is born free, but everywhere in chains”
Rousseau, Social Contract, 1762.

Shereen Audi’s latest exhibition contorts angel’s wings, and sky-blue fairy tale colours into a narrative about the nature of modern freedom, the chains of control, and a world in which everyone can fly, but there is nowhere to escape to.

Shereen Audi, Acrylic on Canvas, 2014

Shereen Audi, Acrylic on Canvas

Inspired by Jean-Jacques’s Rosseau’s reflection in a ‘Social Contract’, the work represents a sweetly poised brand of sedition; a comment on the faux world of comfort we have created, the fears and anxieties it has born, and the dreams we foster to keep us safe as children, surrounded by neatly plucked balloons.

Shereen Audi, Arcylic on Canvas, 2014

Audi’s work eschews profound reflections on the Middle East for something more callous; a critique of twenty first century reality, an enthusiastic negation of all that we are and all that we feel, and a retreat into the chains of a soothing forgetful escapism.

Shereen Audi, Arcylic on Canvas, 2014

“Born-Free” enjoys a seeming inoffensiveness. For those who look closer, it whispers; “we have lost our heads, and we don’t deserve to be free.”

Opening at the Zara Gallery Hyatt Amman on 9th April 2014, under the patronage of HRH Princess Wijdan Ali . Supported by QØDE.