CSGO open box skill sharing, improve drop chance to phoenix phoenix box box, and past cases are quite different, is the chance to drop rate is very small, very small, today, I personally experiment, the result is I got a box again!!

Secret: is every day drops the timing of the equipment, the premise is the account more than 5 days not logged in, at least five days, the longer the better, sums up the personal, generally you start playing games on the same day, the first three innings generally do not lose things, and then start, almost for several bureau will have something, sometimes every other game, after knowing this, if it is to brush box, can start to play several speed, or to hang off a plane, hanged 3, after the start to sell csgo skins melee or competition, the more the better, don’t think that more people can’t out your head, because of long time no log in your account, you drop probability are higher than they, and many drop too much, then hit your chance will be higher! If you when the equipment again The phoenix badges, box the mistresses!

Confidential. 2: V club drops things likely to be prepaid phone once a week, usually time is our on Thursday, a new round of drop probability will be reset, then you have things can get a new one week, this time almost the odds of everyone is equal, over time, some players drop equipment, he has little chance of, if you up again and this time they robbed equipment, your chance will be higher than they, occasionally acura fell on the toes of the possibility of you is high! So , you can see, when it comes to login the trumpet to brush equipment cost-effective!

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