Sorry for errors, my first language isn’t English so it’s very probable I made much of them.
Julia Floraidh

Thank you for calling me in your text, I don’t really understand why you called me in, but it’s ok, I did not thought that a simple “amen” comment would raise so many eyebrows and so much attention, I might just be too stupid or ignorant to properly understand your critic, I just wanted to show solidarity to a critic piece of text.

Would you get offended if I tell you that I don’t understand what you are trying to ask me or why you called me in? I for sure endorse your saying “get off mainstream media and internet” but does that mean I have no right to be part of the conversation and so I should have said nothing?

‘safe spaces and trigger warnings’ isn’t changing my world, is not really part of what I live, it hasn’t affected italian culture yet, and might be part of the american culture, ok. Does that mean I cannot show solidarity to somebody who is actually living that situation?

I’m also not a native english speaker so pardon any maccaroni grammar.

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