DApps recommendation: TRONbet; TronGoo; Royal Online Vegas

Jun 6 · 3 min read

As the world’s first entry into the blockchain world, qPocket links users with 3000 + Decentralized Applications (DApp) and more than 100 digital assets. It is a digital crypto wallet with high security that supports Ethereum, ERC20, TRX tokens and applications.

This time, we recommend three mainstream DApps that were built on TRON network and can be played on qPocket.

In addition, qPocket wallet has recently been upgraded, with the introduction of automatic signature function, which is in line with TRON’s high confirmation speed, and can make users‘ experience more smoothly. The automatic signature function can be set in the menu in the upper right corner of the DApp page.

1. Gambling Game:TRONbet

TRONbet is a decentralized online game platform, with dice, pop point, vegetable ring, and other play methods. The team consists of blockchain and game enthusiasts from all over the world. The team has rich experience in game development and operation, and has a profound understanding of blockchain technology. At present, from the contract data, TRONbet is a very active game platform in TRON network, and it is easier to find a player to play with.

Access Method: Find TRONbet directly on the DApp list or search TRONbet. If you like this game, click the star on the right and add to your collection.

2. TronGoo-Keep a cat and win rewards

TronGoo is a TRON version of ETH Goo, a popular game in the ETH network. The popularity of TronGoo has also caused congestion in the ETH network. The game concentrates on the typical way of waiting games. It produces — expands productivity — then produces again, or chooses to fight with other players to win trophies. The biggest feature of this game is: relying on such a cycle of return, players will get more Goo, that is, in-game points, and according to how many Goo players hold, players can divide up TRX pool in every 24 hours, which is the only way for players to make money in the game. Every day, all players can divide an 8% TRX award in the pool.

Access Method: Find TronGoo directly on the DApp list or search TronGoo. If you like this game, click the star on the right and add to your collection.

3. Royal Online Vegas: Los Vegas in TRON network

This is a cross-chain game platform, like the desert Pearl Las Vegas. It has built-in two game modes-guess size and guess cards. There will be more types of games in the future, which rely on blockchain technology to create a transparent, safe and fun-filled game platform. Players participating in the game can win the game asset currency TMEV and share the profits of the game operation.

Access Method: Find Royal Online Vegas directly on the Dapp list or search Royal Online Vegas. If you like this game, click the star on the right and add to your collection.





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