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DApp, the so-called decentralized application, is the link between public chains and users. With the popularization of the concept of blockchain, more and more people begin to participate in the development and usage of DApps, especially the emergence of gambling games, which has attracted more people joining. The number and types of DApps are increasing rapidly, and various kinds of playing methods are emerging in an endless stream. DApps, especially gaming applications, have attracted more and more attention. Some well-designed DApps can reach millions of USD per day.

The Significance and Value of DApp

Why is DApp becoming more and more popular? On one hand, it is accompanied by the heat of blockchain. On the other hand, the difference between DApp and App makes DApp enter the area that is outside App market in the future.

First of all, as a decentralized application, DApp does not have a central database, that is to say, the user’s data are not saved centralized. It will not happen that a database is blackened or attacked, and all user data can be thefted or irreversible loss of data can be caused.

On the other hand, depending on blockchain technology, the transaction information of DApps can be queried and not tampered. The code for smart contracts is also open, and even the application code itself is open source. This makes DApp more trustworthy than App. When it comes to financial and in-game property, DApp is open and transparent and easier to gain the trust of players. This is more friendly for small and medium-sized developers who do not have large enterprises to endorse credit.

As the first entrance for people to contact the world of blockchain, qPocket not only meets the needs of users to manage different public chain network assets, but also has set up application pages for a long time. With the completion of TRON ecosystem support and automatic detection of wallet addresses through Web3, qPocket supports 3000 + decentralized applications (DApp). All DApps on TRON and ETH network have been supported. Users can use qPocket to experience the latest DApp anytime and anywhere.

How to experience DApp in qPocket

As a multi-chain wallet, qPocket can manage multiple public chain assets through a set of mnemonics. For DApps on different public chains, users need to switch under the wallet management page and switch to the corresponding network to find the corresponding public chain applications in the application interface (as shown in the figure).

At present, qPocket contains many main streamed applications. In addition, it relies on Web 3.0 to automatically detect a wallet address. Thus, more DApps can be used. As long as users enter the application address in the browser’s search box, users can access the application page and use DApps anytime, anywhere. qPocket will save history for the next quick visit (as shown in the following figure).

Example: Three steps to play Axie Infinity in qPocket

  1. Download qPocket
  2. Create or import wallet, please check guide “How to use qPocket in 5 mins
  3. Select Axie Infinity and start game.

The future direction of qPocket

In subsequent versions, qPocket will support more public chain projects. First, as the official designated wallet of QuarkChain, it will first launch QuarkChain’s DApp, and then it will support EOS mainnet which has different kinds of DApps to build a comprehensive application ecosystem.






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qPocket is secure mobile crypto wallet that supports QuarkChain, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. DApp Store makes it easy to interact with decentralized applications

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