Why the future of package delivery is better than drones

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 Remember WebVan?

 The grocery delivery startup was considered “high-tech” because you could order groceries on a website and have them delivered. A darling of the late ’90s dot-com boom, WebVan ultimately failed, becoming a poster child for the dot-com bust (the company went bankrupt in 2001) and a cautionary tale about the perils of so-called “last-mile” delivery — the link in the supply chain that brings products to consumers.

 Delivery is expensive and inefficient. Unlike most parts of the supply chain, the last mile doesn’t scale, especially when a human employee drives a big car to bring one product to one consumer.

 The “last mile” is ripe for disruption. But how? Drones, right?

 While drones are great for bringing high-value items (like medicine) to remote places, they’re not great for everyday deliveries.

 The good news is that last-mile delivery can, in fact, scale. Several companies are already testing and showcasing technologies that could make that happen.

 Here are the robots that are going to be bringing stuff to you very soon:



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