Coloring outside of the lines

Thoughts of a woman who leaned in….

Here I am, 15 years of experience, successful, sound mind, witty, funny, creative and ready to launch. I made a decision a few weeks ago to walk away from comfort. Perhaps restless is better than simply saying I became uncomfortable with being comfortable. My dreams were bigger and bored of taking a backseat to comfort.

The dreams of others led me to new responsibilities, position titles, higher salary. More education and experience led me to launch some amazing features and landed the biggest customers. Revenue growth, teams expanded, profits grew.

Here I am now, with my passions and my dreams. Goals listed.

In the past few weeks I have learned there is never a perfect time, the stars will not align for me. I can however take a leap, because my aspirations and dreams are bigger than my fears.

Coloring outside of the lines…won’t be easy, but I am no longer comfortable with living in others dreams.

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