My thoughts on… Earin the Wireless Earbuds

In July 2014 I backed the project because I have never seen anything like it, Bluetooth in conjunction with Audio-Hardware was still new to me. The premise was that you could use it on the fly, get them out of your pocket, enable Bluetooth on you phone and they will seemingly connect. Did they deliver? A couple of weeks back I finally got my pair and was eager to try them out. Now I am able to share my thoughts with you.

The Daily commute

I expected to get my pair in April 2015, but due to a couple of delays, they arrived in December 2015. For the time in between, I was stuck with my Urbanears Zinken. They weren't bulky when it comes to headphones, but I was used to earbuds all my life up until this point. When I wanted to meet with friends I was bound to carry a smaller bag around or to leave them at home, which I had to do occasionally.

With the wireless earbuds, I could solve that issue. The small capsule I could carry with me all the time, everywhere. Some people might think you would loose them, but with the capsule that would be almost impossible since they are a necessity, that is how you turn on and turn off your device.

Longer Travel

You might think with those tiny things you might have to worry about the battery life, well you are kind of right. I could listen to music for about three hours with one charge, which is perfect for the daily commute, but not when it comes to traveling. I went on two train ride with five hours each and had to charge them at some point, which was probably the biggest issue I had with these.

1st Gen issues and hick-ups

Here is a list of issues I had:

  • Battery life
  • Connection between the earbuds
  • Capsule (turning the earbuds on or off)

Like I said, the biggest issue I had been the battery. They consume a decent amount of energy since they are still running on Bluetooth 3.0 and not the newest version, which is 4.0. I have got to say that the device charged fairly quickly, but I would like to see a quick charge function as well in the upcoming generations.

The second big issue was the connecting, sometimes I would go to the gym, put them into the capsule, disconnect them and everything will be fine. Hours later I would come back in order to go back home, try yo connect them and it wouldn't work. My assumption is that the capsule didn't have any juice anymore and, as a result, wasn't able to turn on or off the earbuds.

You would assume that would be something minor, but not being able to fully really on the product is a pain for me.

The second part of that topic would be the connection between the earbuds. The way it works is that the phone is connected to the left earbud, which then creates another connection to the right earbud generating a Bluetooth bridge between the earbuds (where my head is). Sometimes you could use lose the signal, because of sending signals through the skull can be difficult.


If you consider that these are the first truly wireless earbuds they are quite good. The build quality, audio and packaging are great, but the hick-ups did annoy me a great deal. If can look past that, I can recommend them, but looking at CES 2016 there might be cooler stuff arriving soon, such as the Verves Ones. The question is, do you want to wait?