Amal Blood Donor Society

Our Mega Project was focused on blood donation.

People face the problems when they are in urgent need of blood, for their loved ones when they are in fight for their lives and most of times peoples personal circle becomes quite inadequate. So, people are hopeless and they don’t have anywhere to go when even blood banks are unable to provide requisite number of pints.

So, we wanted to do what people in such condition can benefit from so we brainstormed and thought of some basic ideas which limited our reach like conventional means of social media and other communication apps.

We reach on a conclusion that people don’t care what’s on social media so we wanted to reach people directly on a more personal level where they can be reached as delivered a text message describing the needs of blood group and place and contact no. of needed operated through one of our group members so that we can ensure the donation is not misused and what we decided was to secure services of real timing message delivering companying which deliver brand named message for different brands. We contacted ‘’1st for connect’’. One of leading names in the business based in Lahore. They listened carefully and were generous enough to ensure us their help. Mr. Umair Younis Regional business development officer ensured us that he will help on each possible way end will provide with company’s software and free SMS with that done we needed data of people who can be potential donor, as they are most important people in our project.

For that we visited Mr Azzam Muneer president of NFC blood donor society and asked him what we can do and how can he help and what we have planned. He ensured us to provide data of NFC students and told us that their students are regular donors. We took data and are planning to incorporate the data along with SMS delivering system and try to help people.

Next step is to make our social media pages and groups more active and paste flexes in the hospitals for assisting people.

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We only wants from your side is to like the page and join the groups to SERVE HUMANITY.