Just Start Project : AMAL ACADEMY

I’ve read the chapter 2 of autobiography of Edhi Sb and I fount many inspiring line from this book for me as “I can begin small, but why should I think small”.

I like it most.As we all know these are very simple words but have a broad meaning and basics of every successful company, brand, milestone and real life heroes. And second thing I like the most is his character development to become a social worker as his mother teach him to sacrifice for poor and needy to serve humanity.

There are two basic purposes to create mankind, one is to worship Allah and second is to serve humanity. And worship God is everyone’s personal matter with Allah and second purpose, to serve humanity is social and global matter because in this world we have to work with each other, built relationships and interact with each other. So this is the reality that we should be kind to every human for the sake of God’s love and kindness.

Just Start Project

My just start project is very simple. “Losing some weight by doing some exercise at morning.” I chose this project as my just start project because two years ago, I faced a problem regarding my health and I got sick due to which my weight increased a lot (according to my calculations) and then I started thinking to lose this extra weight by doing some exercise at morning but I c’ant because in hostel of university our routine is so disturbed that we go to bed about 3 AM for sleeping and don't have enough time to do some exercise at morning even not in evening because of very tough routine of studies. I made my mind to do this many times but for one or two days I start this exercise and then again lost this routine due to shortage of time and courage.

I’m doing this project because I felt uncomfortable when I started thinking about my extra weight because it is not good for both of my health and personality. I don’t like the men with big bellies and have curved ties on their big bellies. whenever I thought to become a professional, one thing comes to my mind and it is, I just don’t want to become this kind of man with bulky bodies.

I’ve faced many challenges like time shortage due to my studies, shortage of courage because no one is encouraging me to do this, sleeping at late night and awaking late in the morning and don’t have a partner or friend who want to start this activity with me.

I’ve identified these three tasks to start this activity as 1) Prepare my mind 2) Manage the joggers and clothes (trouser and shirts) 3) Invite my friend and just start.

At start I felt that this is very intense experience for me to wake up early in the morning and go out for 1 Km walk and then doing intense exercise.

I have finished these task and now I’ve started this activity and feeling excited and thankful for Amal because its only happened due to amal academy and its just start project.

Now I do continue this exercise as long as it would be completed and just let it to continue because it is good for me and my health because if you wake up early in the morning and do some exercise then your remaining day pass with refreshment and perfection.