My Success Story

I have got inspirations from a lot of people. In my childhood my mother used to tell me about the success of my Uncle who was an army dentist and he started his journey a village have totally uneducated people around him and succeeded by his hard work.

After my mother almost at every class in school life every teacher except some, used to tell these kind of stories in free time in class to motivated us at least once in a year. Our school was attached to a mosque where at every Friday we have a sitting with a kind of motivational speaker, our principal motivated us with different stories and examples and with his experience.

At college level one of the best teacher of my life yet, is Sir Asad who really encourage me and push me to do hard work and going for hire studies. I have not enough money to pay my fee for the academy. He not only tough me free of cost but also managed other teacher to do so for 2 years in FSc.

I motivated for engineering from my uncle who is also an engineer and doing his own business related to that. Now as I have done Civil Engineering from UET. If I looked back to my previous life and quickly find the most use full toll to be a success full person is simplicity (humility) and hard work.

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