My contributions to RAD Studio

One of the things I miss most of working at Embarcadero Technologies is the possibility of contributing ideas to a product used by a lot of people.

While I think that feeling is going to be fixed soon, I think it was worth an article to highlight the ideas I contributed to a product like RAD Studio. Also it may be useful to people that didn’t like the feature, to know who can blame :-)

When I started working at Embarcadero, RAD Studio just had a release per year, and we managed to double it (April release and September release), so we usually got together physically in Scotts Valley twice a year to perform a brainstorming and decide the features and scope of the next release.

In this list I’m just considering pure ideas that ended up being implemented as a big feature, I’m not including dozens of other suggestions, improvements, etc, because not only I won’t be able to remember them, simply I don’t think are worth mentioning.

And in the end, it was a team effort to get the idea implemented, so all the credit goes to the team that worked on the product.

  • App Tethering — I came with this idea after discovering a companion app for Logic Pro X, and I thought it was a good idea to allow RAD Studio developers to create such mobile apps to interact with legacy VCL apps. That will boost traditional developers to work on mobile apps as a way to enhance their existing apps.
  • Multi-device designer — Because of my work on HTML5 Builder, I wanted to implement this idea in RAD Studio to mimic the way web apps were designed to be responsive on multiple devices. I remember how Allen Bauer got the idea and worked on it like crazy to get it designed. We finished it later at the Spain office.
  • GetIt installer — Not the most brilliant of the ideas, in the sense that it was common sense moving from a monolithic installer to a package-oriented installer in which you could select exactly what to install. And funny enough, I still work with the guy that wrote most of the code for that feature, great guy, great developer!
  • App Preview — Another functionality very common in web development that I wanted to see implemented in RAD Studio to save build-run cycles and to complete the Multi-device designer feature, as allowed you to see, live, how your UI was going to be rendered on multiple devices at the same time