Is this *the* smoking gun?
Emily Aden

Emily- great timeline. I have a few dates & events to add if that’s okay:

26 Oct 2016: Jason Chaffetz reverses his withdrawal of voting for trump and is suddenly OK with voting for a sexual assaulter, when less than 3 weeks earlier he couldn’t look his daughter in the eye had he voted for said sexual deviant.

26 Oct 2016: Rudy Giuliani on Fox News gloats of an upcoming October Surprise to Megyn Kelly.

28 Oct 2016: Comey send “the letter” to congress. I don’t believe that was in and of itself a violation of the Hatch Act. Why? Because while he knew that Chaffetz was likely to leak the letter, he couldn’t have known “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” that it would be grossly misrepresented in the way it was. Therefore, I surmise that Chaffetz violated the Hatch Act and Congressional Dems cowardly stood by rat-face rather than Comey, because, you know, Bipartianship.

6 Nov 2016- Comey clears Hillary

So if Comey cleared her, why was the letter important? Kellyanne Conway herself said that people believed that HRC was under investigation at the time, so it was true to them at the moment it was ongoing. Why is this important? 3 factors:

  1. Early voting was happening
  2. The GOP used this as cover to purge voter rolls while they knew that:
  3. The media would run with the story about Hillary. Remember how early voting alone had Florida practically in the bag for her yet trump somehow won?
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