MCAS-> Media Conservative Appeasement Syndrome

A global issue that plagues our times.

Today, we are in 2017 and it feels like we have entered an era that was prior to my own existence (born in 1990). We have great technology, amazing universities and some great forms of entertainment. Yet why is it that we are in an era that we have read about yet not experienced? An era that we have been told will never repeat. Being told “Never Forget” and hearing platitudes such as “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

I’m no historian, but am very curious, so having done my own digging, another alarming parallel has surfaced, the Media Conservative Appeasement Syndrome. This is where the media goes easy on far-right conservatives in order to paint them in a more acceptable light. The New York Times and Daily Mail are 2 papers that are employing the same tactic, as are, to a point the Guardian. The BBC are also guilty of sanitising pure filth and it is worrying for those of us who don’t enjoy the advantage of being born Caucasian. This is not an attack on Caucasians as people of all colours and religions are good along with bad. An example of this is how Caucasian politicians whose beliefs fall to the left of Adolf Hitler’s are never given the opportunity to make the tiniest error as the media will attempt to paint it as the equivalent of actual crimes committed by conservatives. Below is an example.

They’re conflating impartiality with objectivity and not providing actual information. Double standards here are mind-blowing. Bill Clinton. Impeached for lying about a bj.

With Trump’s raid on Yemen and Muslim ban (which it was as Giuliani confirmed it). Both are framed in a way to make it a “fair and balanced” debate between 3 centrist/centre left analysts and 3 Trump surrogates on the other. You know that the Trump people will obfuscate and lie to defend him.

Why is this? The debate is framed as:

1) isn’t he just keeping campaign promises?


2) Should he have waited?

This is such an insult to viewers as the discussion should centre on factors such as:

  1. Yemen being a premeditated war crime
  2. Was it a violation of the Geneva conventions?
  3. Educating viewers on the Geneva Convention and how the Muslim ban is a violation of the 1st and 4th amendments.
  4. If it violated the Geneva convention, did it also violate the 1st amendment along with the 4th?

I think that viewers would appreciate being taught about the issues and understanding the context in which it applies than whether or not it means he kept his campaign promises. Rant over.