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This is a global issue that you’ve squarely nailed. I think that Bipartisanship/this obsession with getting along and singing kumbaya is the biggest problem out there.

Obama did nothing but appease GOP for 8 years, barely took any decision without their approval, and let them get away with treason. That sort of policy needs to end asap. Voters want action that benefits those who voted for you and therefore the nation as a whole, not doing what the other side wants and going to any length in order to appease them.

With single payer healthcare/obamacare, he went to the GOP with their own plan and they rejected it because of who he is. What was his response? Move further right to gain their approval when signing Single Payer Healthcare by EO would have been the right thing to do for both country and party.

But instead, he continued appeasing, while GOP kept obstructing and lost 1000+ seats as a result. Another disgusting legacy of the Obama era is the normalisation of GOP crimes and the fact that there are no consequences. This election was stolen, from the presidency all the way down to the House and/or senate.

Did he make info available to the EC regarding it? Nope. Declassify the information? Nope. Appoint an independent investigator? Definitely not. Just talk the talk and hang your party out to dry. Sorry, the fact he allowed Trump to even take the oath was borderline treason, especially given Obama’s knowledge of Trump being a foreign agent.

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