Sharing the 6 tips with Friend.

I have many friends those unfortunately could not get Amal Fellowship but they are really passionate about it.

Here are the 6 tips.

1. Do an internship before pursuing a higher degree to confirm if you like that field/industry

2. Don’t do PhD if you want to be an entrepreneur or work in corporate sector

3. Spend at least one year in your first job

4. Find your passion and align it with your career

5. Decisions are very unique to each person, what’s right for one isn’t right for the other

6. Own your decisions: Don’t let other people make decisions for you and don’t blame anyone else.

I met my friend Mr. Rashid and share 6 tips with him and tell him the concept behind them.He was totally agreed with me as before meeting with me he was thinking in another perspective. He just wanted to do phd. and after that he wanted to go to the job in market.I asked him about his family background he really needed to do an internship and then the job.anyhow now he is on a right way and has decided to follow all the 6 tips.Really it was the good experience.