Knowing who you are is very important. Life depends on how you define yourself.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde

You might have seen come across quotes like:

I am here for everyone.

I want to listen to you rather than visiting at funeral.

It’s proven…

दिवाळी म्हणाल की आनंद, उत्साह, जल्लोश, फटाके, रांगोळी, आकाशदिवा, चकली, चिवडा, शंकरपाळे, शेव, नवीन कपडे आणि बराच काही… अशी असते दिवाळी. माझ्या काही आठवणी दिवाळीच्या काही वर्षांपासून जशी दिवाली साजरी होते तशी…

धनत्रयोदशी — दिवाळी चा पहिला दिवस. असा बरच काही नसता तरी पण एक माजा असते. बायको संध्याकाळी दिवे…

I am sharing this article with both Zephyr and Xray information and everything should be in one place. It will be easy to know when selecting Zephyr or Xray.

Zephyr and Xray are both Jira plug-ins used for test case management i.e., test case writing and execution purposes. Both do…

Jayesh Wankhade

Software QA by profession. Love music. Learning Guitar. Love to express my feelings in words. Good Observer. Passionate tester.

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