Q talks: higher-ed edition

So I guess I should start off with the basics here, for those of you who might stumble across this and don’t know who I am.

My name is Qarahn Anbiya. My first name is pronounced like the book, Qu’ran, but most everyone just calls me Q. I graduated from VCU with a bachelor’s degree in sociology in December 2016. I live in Richmond, and I have many passions. I love playing Pokémon games (I’m level 31 in PoGo, before you ask), and I love playing Quidditch some weekends. I really enjoy bike-riding, Netflix binging, and so much more. But one truly deep passion of mine is the world of higher education.

Higher education is my bread and butter. My chosen career is student affairs, but the entirety of the sphere that is higher education excites me like nothing else. That’s where this blog comes into play.

I have many friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and more who become completely lost and overwhelmed when it comes to higher education. From financial aid to admissions to tuition, it’s a lot to take in all at once. I’ve been in this world since I was 18, and I’ve decided to dedicate myself to a lifetime of demystifying the process and making it simpler to understand. I have gained a vast array of knowledge on many topics within this world, and I still have much to learn. But I want to pass this knowledge onto others, and help them understand how this system works. That’s what this blog is for.

As for the title, well, it’s a little inside joke with my 2016 orientation team and myself. I would have “Q-talks” with the students, where I would answer all of their questions candidly and give them tips on how to get through college and sometimes just life in general. Now I’m going to be having Q-talks with anyone and everyone who reads this, and I wanna call it the higher-ed edition since I’m focusing on everything within higher ed here. So, expect to learn a ton of new things. And please, don’t be afraid to reach out to me on my various social media platforms if you have questions or want me to cover a topic! If I don’t know the answer, I know people who will and I’ll do research to find it as well. There is also a Youtube component to this blog series in the works (Shoutout to Bill for the idea, and more to come on said idea). For now, welcome to Q-talks!