Edhi Sb. and Amal’s Principles of Progress

I will take example of Edhi Sb. life’s where he apply “Khudi” principle of progress at Amal. Example is about his fellow friends who laughed at him for big dreams. They begin to call me Shaikh Chilli, a legendary character with big dreams and no action. They joked, “When all the matter in your head dries up it will shrivel like stale bread. Think a little, about a little. It is better for your future.” I was never discouraged and smiled back at them, “I can begin small, but why should I think small.” This example shows how committed and confident he was. He has a belief that, “Yes! I can do it”. This high spirit made his morale up always. He has no hesitation in starting small, but his scope and view of end point was always on a big screen. In my life my father got married at 21 years of age. He had just passed college degree, intermediate. He had a dream to become lawyer. People used to laugh at him. He was a boy who is from a mediocre family and married too. He worked hard. He worked at hotels as waiter (chai wala). He also worked at public van as ticket dispatcher. Side by side he studied privately. He did B.A then LLB privately all alone.

Just Start Activity

I wanted to start a small business of computer short courses. But in #juststart project was to decide the courses to teach, decide place, complete requirements data, planning for timings and dues. This idea is to develop a small business that will proceed further as large computer based institute and IT solutions house. In finding place for institute, there were so many challenges. Rates were so high and our limit was less. After a struggle, we get it. Challenges regarding deciding starting date of classes, timings and dues. These words may be looking so easy but when discussions were made, there were many suggestions. Area factor, new business, facility aspects were discussed for dues. So it give new explorers of experience.

Seriously speaking, it made me feel more than myself. Talking about different aspects of a business gave me experience. I am confident enough to start a small business. Yes! My morale is up. Challenges that I faced, I have told before. But I take it interesting to get in a problem and sort it out. I learned that for starting something paperwork is important but not stick to it most of time. Try to start implementation. Now my next steps are to set up syllabus for these courses, marketing/publicity and setting up class decorum properly etc.