Is all Reality Relative?

“Its impossible to escape the focus of your own attention” Daniel Gilbert.

This stuck with me and explains quite a bit about how our sensory percepts pool data to curate our reality.

Truths and Lies are, but, figments that our conscience uses to concoct our reality / fiction.

Truth and lies are labels that the brain uses to ‘highlight’ experiences in different colours. Take a step back and you see the larger canvas where the particular experience in focus is just one of many that are currently active in your conscience.

If you analyse your interactions with life, you begin to notice tenable linkages between your recent experiences and your perception of the current ‘focus of your attention’.

Every man continuously curates his own reality / fiction, which is a direct by-product of his/her interaction with life. Two of a gazillion such examples would of experience stretching and our analysis of prospects vs retrospects.

Experience Stretching.

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” Epicurus.

Our brain’s naive assumption that different people would react exactly as we’d do in response to similar experience. e.g. how can someone not enjoy being chased by paparazzi.

Prospect vs Retrospect

When buying a car, you’re likely to look for / accept potential deficiencies in the prospective model. However, right after having bought the same model, most people are likely to look for / accept every positive folklore spewed out in its extravagant ad campaigns. The reason, your retrospect, for the exact same object, is much more likely to accept positive data and reject touted deficiencies.

e.g. ‘this car is a piece of crap’ is a wonderfully subjective assertion that you’d carefully consider or uncarefully accept without analysis before buying a car. on the other hand, you’d probably invest 87% of your physical strength in the punch that your friend would receive if he uttered that after you’ve bought that car.

In lieu of striking an abrupt conclusion, let me paint some context.

What sparked this muse was the palindromic nature of a comment that my friend made. “…fiction is the truth inside a lie”. Is indeed! But the less obvious aesthetics of this phrase lies in the perfect interchangeability of all three subjects. Per se, in the realm of curated realities, truth, lies and fiction are all relative.

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