Feeling Lost … Learn How to Refocus

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and as result completely lost in your day, I personally experience this maybe a little bit too often.

With all the noise of work, notifications and social distractions how one finds that refocus can be the difference between a productive day or an entire disgruntled week.

Here is a quick solution that I thought I’d share, that I have seen both success with myself and others;

Prioritize time to think about important issues to you. Whether that be in the form of meditating, exercising, writing or talking to someone close, giving your mind the permission to think will revitalize your energy and give the motivation you need to take action.

The reality is, as human beings we are not very good at multi-tasking, which means the need to break down our thoughts and activities is super effective.

Try this activity.

When you set aside time to think, ask yourself questions like:

“How do I feel and why?” — Be honest with yourself

“What do I want to achieve today?” — Can be anything from a huge task to a little assignment

“What is the best way to achieve this?” — Forces you to break down the task

“What is the smallest action that I can do to achieve this?” — Make it easier for you to win

It all starts with your mindset