Find MEP Contractors in Doha, Qatar

Mechanical Electrical Plumbing contractors (MEP) is one of the Premier Engineering Solutions provider and Project Specialist operating in Doha-Qatar. Different types of MEP contractors in Doha, Qatar, Master Engineering Services, Viz Icon group, Eastern Gate Trading & Marketing Qatar etc.

Master Engineering Services is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, multi-disciplined organization based here in Doha, Qatar.which specializes in General Trading, Services & Construction such as Civil/Architectural, Mechanical/HVAC Works, Electrical (including LV Systems such Security Systems, Public Address, Data Computer Networks and Telephone Block Wiring & IP Telephony), Plumbing and Drainage both in installations and maintenance fields serving a broad spectrum of private, corporate and government entity clientele.Viz Icon group a Middle East organization Our main focus is to ensure organisation of core competencies in line with challenging trends of the present & future market standards.

Eastern Gate Trading & Marketing Qatar is Qatar’s leading industrial fasteners distributor. We hold ample range of fasteners, with the best quality assurance and competitive pricing through an efficient purchasing and quality management system.

Mechanical Electrical Plumbing contractors and have worked on a number of significant projects in Qatar. We have the knowledge, capabilities and local presence to handle projects of any magnitude and stand on commitments towards satisfying the demands of our clients in all aspects. Our reputation for getting the jobs done on time within budget and to the highest quality has made us the partners of many clients.

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