Finding True Freedom

Many people tend to think that freedom means having the ability to do whatever they want.

True freedom is being able to accept and transcend whatever life brings to the table.

Many people who have more than all of the necessities become very depressed. And there are many that can buy whatever they want, eat whatever they want, and go wherever they want. They are always searching the far ends of the world for new experiences, but still find that they are not happy.

In fact, it is because of all of these things that they have done and obtained, that they are not happy. Because even after doing all these things, they haven't found true fulfillment, which can be very depressing.

But on the other hand there are people who have hardly anything, have stayed in one place their entire lives, and are full of compassion and love for others. They lead simple, modest lives that are full of meaning.

This state of freedom is within reach. We just have to choose to reach out for it. It is like the sun. It is always there, radiating it's beautiful gleaming rays. It is there when it is cloudy, rainy or nighttime - it's just not as visible to us at those times.

But if we remember to search for it, in all of life’s circumstances; slowly but surely, it will become more visible to us.

We can begin to feel it, the way we would feel the heat of the sun's rays on our skin. Eventually we can feel it deep within, and understand that if we can let it go deep enough, it eventually surpasses the connection of the physical body.

This existence deep inside has nothing to do with what we do or what we have.

When we surpass that physical connection, and find the light everywhere, then we have begun our paths on a genuinely spiritual life.

Only then can we find true freedom.

Freedom that money, fame, or power could never buy or even imitate.

Freedom from attachments.

Freedom from desire.

One who remains rooted in desire, is never truly free.

Most suffering in life is due to our minds. We cling desperately to the experiences and actions that we have accumulated. And we use this created identity to define our world.

Some get so caught up in ‘me and my story’ that they become slaves to it.

But one who can let go of desire, and replace it with the ability to find that light shining deep within all circumstances, knows freedom in its most authentic form.

They know that their story isn't more important than anyone else's. They know it doesn't define who they are, or what they can become.

That is true freedom.